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Logistics Services in Australia

We pride ourselves as your end-to-end Australian Logistics Solutions partner. Increase your business productivity using our innovative, efficient, reliable and cost-effective logistics supply chain and logistics services. Logistics is a crucial part of any business. It will be beneficial for your business to partner with a logistics company that offers services with integrity and excellence. One Warehousing has facilities strategically located across Australia. This sets us apart from other logistics providers, giving us an unparalleled advantage and providing cost-effective solutions. Our company understands that every business in Australia has its own special requirements. Our hardworking team is always ready to discuss the most suitable solutions for your business. Let us take care of the more complicated aspects of your business while you focus on other business matters. We value customer satisfaction as much as you do. So, we ensure smooth, safe and timely delivery of your goods across the country.

Our Key Services

Sea Freight

Sea freight is a part of our logistics and supply chain services. We maximise all means of transportation to assist in delivering your products in an efficient and timely manner. No matter where you are, we will always find solutions to fulfil your transportation needs. Contact us today to discuss your logistics needs.

Let’s be partners in providing fast, efficient and cost-effective logistics services. Be it by sea, air or road transport, we’ll handle it for you. Contact us today at 1300 884 504 or email

General Goods | Logistics Company

One Warehousing has different warehousing and logistics facilities across Australia. We highly value compliance with industry standards and practices to ensure efficiency and a smooth flow of operations. Our goal is to provide clients with a hundred per cent customer satisfaction as we continuously improve our end-to-end Australian logistics solutions. Feel free to contact our accommodating team to discuss details about the physical storage and flow of your goods.

Food and Related Goods
Stock control and reporting

Our company invested in a logistics system to accurately give clients real-time stock information and reports. We understand that stock control and reporting directly affects your profit. One Warehousing constantly innovates and maximises technology to give you real-time and error-free inventory reports.

Wharf cartage

Part of One Warehousing Australian Logistics Solutions is providing a flexible and seamless service to our customers which includes wharf cartage. Our different facilities strategically located across Australia enables us to provide easy access to different ports. Our company is committed to delivering your goods in a timely and safe manner. Our well-trained staff can discuss flexible, cost-effective solutions for your logistics and supply chain needs.

Forklift | Warehousing and Logistics
Dehiring of containers

Avoid transport delays, track your shipments and reduce unnecessary expenses. Dehiring of containers is one of our cost-effective logistics solutions in handling and transporting your goods. This service feature saves you time and money as our company can easily assign a container to your shipment. Call our efficient and reliable staff at 1300 884 504 to discuss your logistics needs.


One Warehousing is an Australian Logistics Solutions company that offers a wide range of services. We offer transportation of goods through air freight, sea freight and land. Our company also handles customs clearance, inventory management, freight forwarding, wharf cartage and dehiring of containers. Talk to our friendly staff for a tailored logistics package.

Our company caters to many clients across Australia. We have warehousing and container operations in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide. We can ensure safe, smooth and efficient transportation of goods because of our strategic locations.

Yes, we can take care of the documentation necessary for the smooth transportation of your goods. Let our friendly staff explain all the important details to you.

Yes, we do! We cater to all types of businesses that need Australian Logistics Solutions. We believe that each business is unique and has different needs. So, we can tailor a logistic solution suitable for your business. Call us today!