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Warehouse Distribution Services in Melbourne, Australia

One Warehousing provides the warehousing and distribution that Melbourne businesses require to thrive. Our warehousing solutions offer a dynamic, reliable, and efficient system that will increase your business’s productivity and ensure your inventory is handled correctly. Whether you’re facilitating industrial, hazardous, food, or general goods, One Warehousing has your warehousing needs covered.

One Warehousing are part of Australia’s leading warehousing group and operate with strategically located warehouses in high trade areas across the country. Working with our warehousing facilities across Victoria will enable us to connect your network, take care of the warehousing, and assist with expanding your business operations. For the Warehousing Melbourne businesses trust, choose One Warehousing.

Warehousing is a vital stage in the supply chain of any successful eCommerce business. We understand how essential it is to choose the best warehousing solution for your business that combines strategic location with organised and dependable staff to streamline your operations. The One Warehousing Melbourne team is here to lessen the load on your other operations, reduce your costs, and promote your growth by allowing your business to focus on other management aspects.  

Our Warehousing Melbourne Solutions Include: 

– Safe facilities with state-of-the-art security

– Pick and Pack services

– Storage for both long- and short-term goods

– Distribution across greater Melbourne

– Container packing and unpacking

– Racked or block stacked product

– Palletising of goods

– Shrink-wrapping and labelling of product for efficient storage

– Stock management and detailed reporting

– Wharf cartage

Is the service you require not on this list? No problem! We’ve merely compiled some of the most popular services that we offer; One Warehousing is incredibly flexible. If there is a service or solution that you require specifically, give us a call or email today to discuss how best we can meet your business needs.

Scale Your Business with One Warehousing

Offering protected storage for high-value freight, responsible storage for dangerous goods, and pallet storage for more common goods, we’ve got a solution to every warehousing problem.

We know that no two businesses are identical, and we tailor our approach to your needs to guarantee that your goods and product will reach your customers safely and on time with our end-to-end delivery service. All Melbourne warehouses are completely secure and boast a world-class monitoring and security system that uses 24/7 video surveillance.

One Warehousing offers the most comprehensive warehousing systems available in Melbourne. Our team of experts will ensure that your product is handled responsibly every step of the way.

One Warehousing Key Services Melbourne:

Stock Management

If you've spent much time in industrial warehouse facilities – you know that packing and unpacking stock are the crucial first steps in the warehousing process. Our systems have seen constant refinement over the years as we work to best manage stock loads of all sizes. These processes prioritise stock accuracy, safety, and reliability along each step of the way. Not only will we handle your stock with the highest level of care, but your inventory and levels are also relayed across to you accurately and are constantly updated, so you always have a clear idea of what's happening behind the scenes.

Food and Related Goods
Packing & Unpacking

Our highly efficient team will ensure your products are picked and packed with 100% accuracy upon receiving orders. Precise picking and packing of orders are vital in maintaining accurate inventory information and ensuring your customers receive the correct products every time. Our fully digital inventory management systems provide a smooth operation for a wide range of E-comm businesses in Melbourne.

General Goods | Logistics Company

Need to store goods for a long period of time? No worries. Our warehousing services can be adapted to deliver the best storage of your goods within the warehouse. We can palletise, shrink-wrap, and label your goods to ensure they are correctly stored and minimise the usage of unnecessary space. We manually palletise some products; compared to the automated processes used for others, your goods are given the most effective storage, packing, and delivery strategy. We provide you with up-to-date, real-time reporting on your stock movement, so you are constantly in the loop about where we are up to with your job completion.


All our warehouses are equipped with well-organised and ergonomic storage systems to promote smooth dispatch and fulfilment processes. We maximise your storage capacity with us by utilising professional racked or blocked stacked services. Our One Warehousing racked and block stack systems allow us to safely store and categorise your goods – no matter how heavy or bulky they are.


Finally, it wouldn't be an end-to-end service without the most crucial aspect – distribution. One Warehousing services incorporate the most effective distribution processes needed to get your products or goods where they need to be when they need to be there. We offer dependable distribution solutions from our Melbourne warehouses for all hazardous goods, food and other consumables, trade products, and other general goods. We have several delivery options that we offer our customers. From multiple pick-ups and delivery options to drop shipments, same-day services across Melbourne, and much more – We know that our warehousing services will meet the growing demands of your business and continue to support its growth.


We manage all sorts of goods! From hazardous goods to food goods, industrial consumables, and general goods of any nature. No product is too difficult for us to manage and store correctly.

Our reliable storage systems and digital stock management allow for transparent reporting on stock quantities. We are working to eliminate stock discrepancies entirely for our customers. 

One Warehousing Melbourne is the system that simplifies how the stock for your business is managed. Your inventory will be stored safely and securely and will be ready for dispatch as soon as you require.

Warehousing costs in Melbourne will really come down to the size of your business and the type of operation you're operating. The total cost of outsourcing your warehousing will incorporate your unique business requirements, the type of goods you need us to send, and which sections of your supply chain you wish to entrust us with. It's not easy for us to give a quote right off the bat, as it varies case-by-case.


Your best way of finding out would be by giving us a call for a consultation today or by sending us an email to see how One Warehousing can help your business today.

Big or small, effective distribution and stock management are crucial to your business's success. We cater to businesses of all sizes that need warehousing solutions. We welcome businesses of any size to contact us so we can tailor a solution to them.

Yes – all of our warehouses are conveniently located to best benefit the most successful businesses in Melbourne.


Where you choose to store your product is vital for your business; too far away, and you can leave yourself open to supply chain issues with the arrival of your deliveries. One Warehousing combines the location, technology and warehouse practices that will boost the efficiency of your business. 

One Warehousing provides the most seamless distribution and logistics experience that comes with years of servicing Melbourne businesses. Nestled in the perfect triangle, close to the freight carriers, the port for inbound freight, and nearby to metropolitan areas, One Warehousing are within the best position to streamline the entire process of managing an online business.

We don't have a minimum or maximum storage period. Some of our competitors lock you into long-term contacts that are not suitable for every kind of business. Our approach is customer-focused and flexible, so whether it's for the long-term or short-term, One Warehousing has the solution for you. If you find that your business is growing and wish to renegotiate our services, we would be delighted to help. Our friendly team will prepare a personalised strategy for your operations and provide a quote that guarantees you're only ever paying for the exact storage and services you need – no unnecessary add-ons, and no hidden fees.