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When businesses in Melbourne need reliable, innovative, and efficient logistics management for their business, they choose One Warehousing.

One Warehousing is the operations, freight, and logistics management provider that consistently delivers exceptional customer experience alongside seamless services. Depending on the unique requirements of your Melbourne based business, we’ll tailor our services to ensure all logistics, stock management, and freight is taken care of. Logistics made easy – that’s One Warehousing.

Over our years in handling and transporting goods across the country, we have developed long-standing partnerships with businesses throughout Australia. We have helped Melbourne businesses grow on a national scale through our network. Every member of our experienced team is a specialist in both handling and transportation of inventory, return logistics, and product management in our warehouses. We have the capacity to service a diverse range of businesses.

Leaving your business coordination to the leading logistics company Melbourne-wide will allow you to work on your business, not in it. One Warehousing offers a comprehensive service that manages all aspects of logistics – from stock management, to warehousing, 3PL services, and delivery networks, and returns. We encourage any business looking for assistance with logistics in Melbourne to contact the team at One Warehousing for a personalised quote for their business’s needs.

One Warehousing Logistics Melbourne Services

Inventory Management

One Warehousing understands the importance of being able to handle inventory under the challenges of high-pressure lead times and continual inventory replenishments. Supply chain management needs to run smoothly to allow for growth, and our management of your inventory is scalable to the demands of your business. Locating your products has never been easier when using our barcode and scannable labelling system that was designed with transportation in mind. We can instantly generate shipping labels & invoices to dispatch orders promptly. Consider all of your order processing, storage, and updating of stock levels handled with One Warehousing.

General Goods | Logistics Company
Flexible Logistics Contracts

By entrusting your operations to the best logistics company Melbourne businesses have access to, you will have access to our diverse range of facilities to ensure safe storage and transportation of your goods. What's better is that we don't have any lock-in contracts, and are adaptable to the individual demands of your business. We are accommodating of any type of third-party logistics Melbourne arrangement. Phone a team member to plan out your strategy and let us work out a solution for you.

Food and Related Goods
Seamless Return Processes

A business without a dependable returns processing ability will suffer at the hands of customer relations. Remove lengthy delays from your procedure and let us handle the logistics behind returned goods. With our conveniently located facilities across Australia, we can facilitate returns from wherever your customers are located. The returns process doesn't need to be a hassle, so let One Warehousing handle it today.

Container Services

No matter the size of the goods, we can both load and unload your containers ready for shipment or organisation within our Melbourne warehouse. We handle goods of all types, so you won't have to worry about fragile goods getting damaged in the warehouse again. One Warehousing is the crucial point in your supply chain process for organising and transporting high-volume goods from a container. The team prioritises precision and efficiency in our approach to containers.

Forklift | Warehousing and Logistics
Organised Storage

Never have to worry about lost or forgotten stock with One Warehousing's thorough approach to warehouse storage. Whether it's racked or block stacked, goods of all sizes can be neatly organised and ready for dispatch at a moment's notice. Our warehouses are optimised for storage, and coupled with our advanced inventory management, nothing will be misplaced.

Pallet Management

One Warehousing is committed to providing efficient and accurate tracking of your inventory across our locations. Palletising specialists, we have made storage more accessible and flexible than ever before. Our system is completely digital and allows customers to monitor their stock levels with ease using our online portal. For collating goods for transport, One Warehousing can shrink wrap any goods that need added protection so they can easily be collated for regional transport or broken down for metropolitan transport.

Logistics Company Melbourne - FAQ

As the best logistics company Melbourne has to offer, One Warehousing are pleased to provide the most comprehensive logistics service to our customers. At any stage, we can commandeer your supply chain process to guarantee smooth operations for your business and your customers. Our company will plan, implement, and regulate all movement of stock on your behalf, and will assist in balanced storage across our facilities. We can handle more or less of the supply chain functions, depending on the needs of the business.


Coordinating the movement of products is a vital part of business strategy, and so outsourcing these responsibilities to One Warehousing will not only see your supply flow improve but allow you to focus on the other areas of your business. Integrating One Warehousing as part of your operations signifies that your business is scaling correctly.

At One Warehousing, we have core values that define all the decisions we make and are constantly in the front of our minds.


Our core values are maintaining solid relationships with partners, integrity, honesty, reliability, innovation, and safety.


We think these values are what define a reliable business partner in any industry. We strive to convey honesty and integrity throughout all client interactions, which allows us to maintain our strong relationships. By continually seeking ways to constantly innovate and improve our processes and systems, we guarantee that you get the best value that a logistics company in Melbourne can offer. Due to the nature of our work and the products we deal with, we always strive for a safe, accident-free workplace. Doing this protects the health of our most important assets – our employees and your inventory.


When you work with One Warehousing, you're working with a partner you can depend on, a group committed to delivering the best logistics service in Melbourne.

Yes. There is no use having streamlined inventory management without a dependable warehousing team in Melbourne to support it. One Warehousing operates with a comprehensive warehouse service that not only stores your goods, but can quickly get them packaged and distributed to your customers on time. Our warehouse operates to strict industry regulations for safety and capacity, and all goods are stored securely. One Warehousing places considerable investment in the capabilities of our warehousing, and we are constantly adapting our methods to promote efficiency.

As the services offered by One Warehousing are so diverse from business to business, it is difficult to provide an exact indication of how much it will cost for our services. To provide this information, we will need to understand the level of service you require, the location of your company, plus more detailed information about the nature of your business.

If you are after a logistics company in Melbourne, contact us directly to discuss how we can help you.