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3PL Brisbane

Choose the 3PL Brisbane companies rely on for picking, packing, distribution and innovative third-party logistics in Brisbane. Partnering with One Warehousing means working with industry professionals that understand the true value of smooth operational control comes from reliable and predictable outcomes.

At One Warehousing, we are committed to providing Brisbane 3PL solutions that deliver smooth picking, packing, and distribution from Brisbane to wider Queensland and the rest of Australia. Spend more time working on your business and less time working for your business with expert product handling and distribution, return logistics and inventory management. We have experience across a broad range of industries; no job is too big or too small for us – we have the capacity to service all range of businesses.

If you are looking for third party logistics in Brisbane that can adapt and grow with your business – One Warehousing has got you covered. Experience market leading service, storage, and transportation like you have never experienced before.

3PL Brisbane in Three Easy Steps

One Warehousing is committed to delivering cost-effective, third-party logistics with an emphasis on customer fulfilment and process efficiencies.

Inventory Management

Inventory management means a smooth and streamlined inventory handling system that is entirely adaptable with your business. Supply chain management is our specialty, which is why we deliver timely and reliable inventory management as a key feature of our 3PL Brisbane services. Our team will pick, stock, and pack all orders before they are shipped directly to your customers. Our inventory control and management procedures mean that you spend less time worrying about stock and more time focusing on business growth opportunities.


Warehousing refers to stock management and storage in our specialised warehouse facilities in Brisbane. When you are working with fragile items, it is even more crucial to work with a 3PL Brisbane warehouse that has smooth operational control. At One Warehousing, we are continually evolving and optimising our facilities and systems to ensure there is enough space to safely store your stock. When you work with us, you’ll receive specialised services with endless industry experience.


When your business grows, so does the stress on your supply chain. At One Warehousing, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that are just as adaptable as your business. If there is one thing that we have learned over the uncertainty of the last few years, it is the importance of adaptability. Our team provides fast, flexible, and scalable solutions that can move (and grow) with your business. Investing in seamless inventory management systems means that you will reclaim lost time and be able to spend more time on business growth and development – with a dedicated Brisbane 3PL team in your corner.

The One Warehousing 3PL Difference

Racked or Block Stacked

Want maximum capacity warehouse solutions that ensure your goods reach their destination at the first time of asking? You’ll want our racked, or block stacked services. The efficient storage of your goods is critical to the operational process. Our racked or block stack systems enable us to safely store and type of goods that you have – no matter how heavy or bulky they may be. 

Logistic Services

Short and Long-Term Contract Storage & Logistics

Our team is here to ensure that your merchandise is packed and unpacked by professionals that care about your stock. We have well versed systems in place that prioritise efficiency, accuracy, and safety in these processes. Choosing our Brisbane 3PL services means that you won’t have restless nights wondering if your stock is in the right hands.

Container Packing & Unpacking

One Warehousing is the 3PL Sydney partner you need; our container packing and unpacking systems are controlled by our professional and experienced staff who prioritise efficiency, accuracy, and safety in these processes. You’ll never have to worry about your products getting damaged again.

Logistic Services

Return Logistics

Processing customer returns and exchanges is a crucial element in running an effective online business. Return logistics refers to the process of handling returns and issuing exchanges to ensure that your returns process is as professional as your business. Working with One Warehousing means that you can avoid extra costs and lengthy, drawn out returns that lead to customer complaints. Our Brisbane facility is strategically located to make return logistics a breeze for your customers and reduce operational expenses.

Palletising, Shrink Wrapping & Labelling

Palletising, Shrink Wrapping & Labelling isn’t pretty – but for our Brisbane 3PL team, it’s all in a day’s work. We offer real-time data so that you know exactly where we are up to and so that you are in the loop about your stock at all times. Palletising means that we can deliver efficient, flexible, and accessible storage solutions that have been refined through years of experience. We will also shrink wrap your goods so that they are sealed from the elements and so that stock is not compromised while it is in storage. Finally, locating your product and having perfect inventory control has never been so easy with our scanning and labelling system. Our Brisbane team is able to generate invoices and labels to dispatch orders with no delay.

Australian Logistics solutions

Innovative 3PL Services in Brisbane

Innovation is at the core of everything that we do. One Warehousing has built a reputation for innovation and optimisation in an industry that has been slow to evolve. We are driven by creating innovative solutions that deliver reliable and trustworthy and efficient third-party logistics to all of our Brisbane-based partners.

As a One Warehousing customer, you can expect complete transparency and communication in everything that we offer. This approach has enabled to foster mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers, staff and clients that stand the test of time. Our commitment to client satisfaction and innovation underscores everything at One Warehousing – and it is evident in the finished product.

Trust One Warehousing for Brisbane 3PL services that take the stress out of warehouse storage and logistics.

Brisbane 3PL Frequently Asked Questions

Third-party logistics refers to the process of outsourcing your storage, warehousing, inventory management and fulfilling processes. Brisbane 3PL companies such as One Warehousing are here to streamline the flow of goods and ensure timely deliver to your customers. As supply chain specialists, we can focus on optimising our processes to reduce time and operational expenses for our clients – that’s you.

Our Brisbane team provides transport, store, pack, forecast, fulfil orders, package, and forward freight in a single service. Use the contact form below or call us on 1300 884 504 to find out how our 3PL services can enhance your business.

The cost of 3PL services in Brisbane is calculated based on the amount of inventory that you would like to handle, the location of your company, the nature of your goods, and a plethora of other important factors. As a result, it is impossible to provide an online 3PL cost calculator.

We offer tailored solutions to Brisbane clients that ensure we can keep the costs low and that you will only ever pay for exactly what you need.

Contact us to discuss your logistics needs with our accommodating staff.

No! Unlike some of our competitors, we do not have a minimum storage period. We know that every small business is a big business waiting to happen, which is why we treat each project with an equal amount of care and respect.

As we mentioned just above, we provide short and long-term storage and 3PL solutions that can be tailored to your bespoke requirements. Our team will work with you to create a customised quote that ensures that you are not overcharged, and you are only paying for the work that is required.

The key benefit for Brisbane 3PL services is that you can spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business. Inefficient logistics, warehousing, and goods transport are some of the factors that will ultimately slow (or halt) business growth. At One Warehousing, we are committed to getting you back into your business sooner with our third-party logistics services.

When you work with an external 3PL provider, you also have the flexibility that is required to increase stock holding and distribution. In general, the reduced costs and operational expenses FAR outweigh the costs involved with outsourcing storage and logistics to a third party.

To contact the One Warehousing Brisbane Depot, you can call us on 1300 884 504. Alternatively, fill out an online discovery form to speak with a professional in Brisbane and find out how our 3PL solutions can work for your business.