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Third Party Logistics

One Warehousing Third Party Logistics offers an efficient, reliable and innovative business model to handle storage and transportation. We want our partners to grow with us by providing the best logistics service available in Australia.

Our third party logistics services focus on handling the storage and transport of clients’ inventories, and connecting manufacturing operations. Our team of experienced professionals are responsible for monitoring inventory management, warehousing and fulfilment. We also have team members who specialize in planning and control of goods from suppliers to your customers storage needs, handling and transportation requirements. We understand that these processes are crucial to your business operations and growth. With One Warehousing, we’ll take care of the logistics while you take care of other areas of your business that demand time and attention. Feel free to contact us so we can customize a cost-effective logistics solution.

Key Features of 3PL


One of the key features of Third Party Logistics is warehousing services. At One Warehousing, we store your goods and distribute them to your clients, on time, everytime. We follow industry standards and practices to ensure that your goods are delivered in perfect condition. We continuously invest in updating our systems for smooth operation control, cost-effective services, and long term efficiency.


Our aim is to provide the highest quality of service to our clients at the most cost-effective price. One Warehousing is your Third Party Logistics partner. We provide reliable, flexible, scalable, fast and accurate third party logistics services. Our company has invested in a seamless warehousing and fulfilment solution to cater to your diverse logistics needs.


One Warehousing understands that time is of the essence where supply chain management is concerned. We are your Third Party Logistics partner in growing your business with our efficient inventory management system. We will take care of order processing, storing and updating of inventory.

Racked or Block Stacked

One Warehousing offers high-quality and efficient third party logistics services. Our racked or block stack system can safely store different sizes of goods in various weights and sizes. This provides a maximum capacity warehouse solution to ensure that your goods are properly stored and easily located when they need to be transported.

Logistic Services

Long and Short-Term Contract Storage and Logistics

One Warehousing Third Party Logistics solutions have a wide range of different facilities across Australia to ensure the delivery of goods far and wide. This also helps reduce the cost of transporting goods to your customers in different locations. We offer flexible third party logistics arrangements depending on your preference. Speak to our accommodating staff to discuss your long term and short term storage logistic solutions for your business.

Container Pack and Unpack

One Warehouse is your dedicated Third Party Logistics partner that offers container packing and unpacking services. You never have to worry about fragile products getting damaged again. Our reliable staff prioritizes accuracy, safety and efficiency in the packing and unpacking process.

Logistic Services

Return Logistics

Avoid lengthy delays and additional costs when customers return or exchange products. As part of our third party logistics services, let us handle this burden for you so you can take care of other business matters. Our facilities strategically located all over Australia can facilitate smooth return logistics to satisfy your customers. Free your business from the hassle and expense of return logistics.

Palletising, shrink wrapping and labelling

Our company is dedicated to efficient, accurate and real-time organizing and tracking of your goods. We offer flexible logistics solutions for varying client needs. Palletising makes storage more accessible, efficient and flexible. Never have to worry about accessing your goods with our organized pallet racking system.

One Warehousing can also shrink wrap your precious goods that need to be tightly sealed and protected from corrosion. We only use top of the line shrink wrap machines and high quality shrink wrap film to effectively wrap your goods.

Locating your products has never been easier with our barcode and scannable labeling system specifically designed for the warehouse distribution. We instantly generate shipping labels & invoices to dispatch orders without any delay. Whether you have a small or large quantity of goods to organize, we are Australia’s most trusted third party logistics partner. Call us today at 1300 884 504.


Third Party Logistics provides an end-to-end solution to all of your e-commerce logistics needs. As you scale up your business, you will need a logistics partner that will take care of storage, warehousing, inventory management, fulfilment, to ensure streamlined flow of goods and timely delivery to your customers.

Breakaway from the traditional business practices. Focus on the more important part of your business and let One Warehousing, Australia’s most reliable third party logistics company take care of the time consuming work for you. Partner with a logistics company to fulfil orders, improve customer service, timely delivery, tracking, and inventory management all in one seamless system.

Third party logistics vary depending on the location and services that your company requires. One Warehouse offers a tailored package to ensure that you get a cost-effective logistics service. Contact our accommodating staff to discuss your logistics needs.